Inspirare; “my breath is my inspiration.”
Photography; my passion, my muse, my life. I live for that perfect shot. My heart skips when I hear the camera’s shutter click, knowing that I have just captured, forever, the essence of that special moment. I have found my true calling.
As a native of Colorado, I have always been fascinated with the beauty of life, and working with people has been a goal of mine from a young age.  Having grown up around my Mother’s beauty salon, I became very familiar with and fond of the fashion and beauty industries. I realized that there is nothing better than helping people feel beautiful and confident. This is exactly what I want people to feel while working with me. Growing older, I began to study traditional film photography and, despite my assignments, constantly found myself taking pictures of people to capture their emotions, individuality and character. I started a company for my photography work at age 17 and soon began studying business at CU Boulder. While at CU, I worked for a wedding photographer, helping her manage the company and shooting all of her events as her first assistant.
A few years later, I decided to pursue photography to the fullest and headed to Los Angeles, eventually settling in Hollywood (which was where all the artsy people and things were happening). My hard work and tenacity led me to Sean Murphy, a well-known and respected figure in the photography industry whose clients include Rolling Stone Magazine and Billabong Surfboards. While learning all I could from Sean, I also applied for a prestigious internship with Art Strieber, a fantastic mentor who only accepts two interns from an enormous pool of applicants. I was one of two accepted and can attest that working with Art was nothing short of life-changing.  My photography skills increased dramatically as I learned from him  both in the studio and out on location. Art’s work can be seen on movie posters, magazines and advertisements that we encounter every day. His lighting techniques have been written about in books, and he travels the world teaching seminars on various photography subjects. I truly owe my lighting techniques to the renowned Art Strieber.  Continuing to progress in the business and create a name for myself, I spent a year with a wedding photography company, often shooting multiple times per week.  As a hopeless romantic, I soon fell in love with photographing people who are in love despite my fashion portraiture emphasis.
Even though I am so grateful for earning my stripes in California, my place to “shine my light” is Colorado.  I specialize in fashion, portraiture and weddings. These all go hand-hand for me as I follow my life’s passion, incorporating all of what I have learned and feel into my photos.  I love people, I love my job and I Love Life!